Barkmeat catscratch
Gender Male
Species Dog
Interests Eating cats
Enemies Mr. Blik, Gordon, Waffle
Voice actor Clancy Brown
First Appearance Off The Leash
Last Appearance Off The Leash
Personal Information
  Mr. Blik, Gordon, Waffle
  Eating cats
Barkmeat is a character in Catscratch. He is a stray dog who only appeared in "Off The Leash," in which he met Waffle (who had run away from home) and thought he was a dog until near the end, in which they escape from the dog pound and Waffle reunited with Mr. Blik and Gordon, who went out looking for him.


Coming soon!


Barkmeat seems to be a muscular pit-bull with brown fur, a black nose and exposed sharp teeth.


Coming soon!

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