Waffle becomes convinced that he's an evil genius and makes plans to take over the world.

Episode Summary Edit

Coming soon!

Trivia Edit

  • According to a book from the Bakersfield Public Library, "101 Signs That You Are Evil", it is a sign that you're evil if you consort with newts.
    • It's in fact the first sign.

Continuity Edit

  • This episode reveals that this is the first time Waffle shed his fur.
  • The area Waffle gave a man allergies with his fur is the same area that Mr. Blik encountered Bootsie in "My Bodyguards".

Errors Edit

  • Despite already having a Library in the mansion, Waffle went to the Public Library.
  • Waffle's ears aren't affected by his evil cloak at all.

Names in other languages Edit

Latino - Maldad

Arabic - الشر

German - Waffle auf Abwegen

Czechoslovakian - Zloduch

Cast Edit

♣ = Designates a character that did not appear in this episode

A Wooly Adventure
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