Below are episodes and recordings of the Nicktoon "Catscratch".

The idea of this page is to reserve all surviving and future encodes of the show.

(While piracy isn't too cool, what else can we do when a show can't yet be watched through purchasing means?)

If you have a Catscratch-related encode of your own you'd like to add, then by all means add 'em!

The Complete Series Edit

Fan-Made Remasters [Doc O'Yee, jc2006, OLDTBPUSER, alexicus and SweetHeart23]:

English [jc2006]:!HUNXwYpK!lvCGzXC19l-2MZza4M9rSA

Russian [alexicus]:!6xgETJCL!nxMicrR7_laXs7MXsB5u-A

Czech [SweetHeart23]:

Arabian [CRONALDOEE]:!rxhCTSBT!yeToKcpJ1If31PzRfdyhkA

German [OLTPBUSER and Doc O'Yee]:!S9QRSLiK!CX7YZywVx6q9aC6lrso9cA

Latino (Currently Incomplete) [todo cartoons]:

Episodes On Stream Edit

Spindango Fundulation

Catscratch - Spindango Fundulation10:32

Catscratch - Spindango Fundulation





King of All Root Beer

Slumber Party



Major Pepperidge


Individual Episodes Edit

Bringin' Down The Mouse:

Nick Picks DVDRIP [ExtraAbsorbent]!mhJSnACR!ZREvvbeGNX9IOIswtzI2NlqC_A7haz5vCeuhRymfTJA

Unicorn Club/Go Gomez! Go!:

Nicktoons 2015 [REGRET]!WtQWRJLZ!IhhCzTmfGofTChib7DoU2PoiQeLSj1H5FGkhKZIFN1U

Scaredy Cat:

Nick 2005 [I Pity Da Foo]!Lo4USS4Z!lecYR8eKdq67NdqgaKAAxBudCxA04APnjvavszzmfzc

Two of A Kind/Core-uption:

Nicktoons 2015 [REGRET]!LlRFmYDY!AMLGNYwQwdL6_700p1sGFE68QMyCtxp6J-i6XkO9ILw

Other Recorded Catscratch Material Edit

Pilot Animations [Doug TenNapel]:!as523Cxb!BZFqlW76cIsY7zkyILrmc6y6Ie8ZsNFu5GnebqJWCSo

Behind Catscratch Promo [dummy]:!O4BlgKjS!1257NJmkPIRK1StQD4XZMBphrlbApQKA90rL453B-Vw

Zombie Party a Go-Go! Clip from "Rockin' Nicktoons Moment" [KablamFan11]:!T4JBzYZY!6JbJT7SlNG0fkqhzyfgrh8NQeGGG0zaB8pfyUy-raSs

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