Go Gomez! Go!' is an episode of Catscratch from season one.

Characters PresentEdit


The cats challenge the Chumpy Chumps to a race.


The Cats and The Chumpy Chumps place a wager on their upcoming race at the BakersField Speedway: their house against the Chumps' house. The reality of their bet soon settles in as Gordon puts their words "Our house and everything in it" into perspective. If that wasn't bad enough, the race's height restrictions banned Mr. Blik and Gordon from driving in the race. This leaves the tallest of the cats on the wheel, Waffle (with his lucky newt Gomez!)

Trivia Edit

  • BakersField was mentioned in a piece of concept art, but may also be the name of the area the cats and their neighbors all live in.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of The Chumpy Chump Brothers.
  • Despite losing their house in this episode, they still remain neighbors of the cats in later episodes.
  • The Catscratch web-game "Cats Me If You Can!" was based on this episode.
  • Also Gomez's first appearance.
  • Tad is shown wearing Pinky Bear underwear again in "Two Of A Kind"
  • Tad's name is misspelled as "Tadd" in the ending credits.

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