"Gordon's Stomach Healing Song"
Gordon's Stomach Healing Song
Gordon begins to sing for Human Kimberly.
Song by Gordon Quid
Released: September 22, 2006
Venue: Kimberly's yard
Genre(s): Vibrato
Length: 0:24
Previous: Mr. Blik's Shower Song
Current: "Gordon's Stomach Healing Song"
Next: N/A
Gordon's Stomach Healing Song

Gordon's Stomach Healing Song

"Gordon's Stomach Healing Song" is a quick tune sung by Gordon, who wanted dearly to help Human Kimberly's sickness go away. Thanks to the vibrato, her stomach was healed in no time, and Gordon was overwhelmed with joy due to her health.

Lyrics Edit


Oh, Human Kimberly,

I hope your stomach stops it's gurgling



Notes Edit

  • The idea of singing to help her feel better was given by Major Pepperidge.
    • His words were, "When candy's making butter, it should be eatin' berries~"

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