Hockey Ball is the 16th episode that is premiered on October 24, 2015.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Mr. Blik and Gordon Quid are gonna play hockey outside. Mr. Blik said to Gordon Quid, "Hey, Gordon! What cha gonna to do today?" And then Gordon Quid said to Mr. Blik, "I'm Going to play hockey outside with Blik!" And Mr. Blik said happily, "That sounds fun, Gordon!" Inside the house, Waffle was very hungry and he said, "Oh, I Had nothing to do!" And then Human Kimberly came running to Waffle and she said to Waffle, "Are you Okay, Waffle?" And then Waffle said, "I Don't Know!" And then Human Kimberly said to Waffle, "I will get you some popsicles that would make Waffle feel better!" Back outside, Mr. Blik said to Gordon Quid, "Did you got the goal, Gordon?" And Gordon Quid said "Oh Yes I do! Thanks!" And then Mr. Blik said to Gordon Quid, "All we need is a helmet, and some knee pads! Right, Gordon?" Gordon Quid said, "Could you get me a helmet and some knee pads, Right, Blik?" Blik called Sonic on his iPear saying "Hey Sonic, wanna play Hockey?" Soon, 20 out of the 90 members on the adventure team arrived including Sonic. "Ready for Hockey-Ball?" Sonic said determined. "HUH?" the whole team replied. Waffle then turned a switch that turned the yard into a hockey arena. soon, music from the original NBA JAM starts. "HERE WE HAVE TEAM QUID!" The announcer yelled. "POP A WHEELIEEEEEEEEEE!" Gordon Yelled, Waffle was the referee because Tails was the announcer. "IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE TEAM SUPERSONIC"! Tails continued. The cats won, But Gordon broke his foot. The team comes to visit the next day, uploading a digital copy of the Hockey-Ball Tournament.

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