"Looking for me?~"
— Katilda, Katilda

Katilda is the teasey 3rd neighbor of Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik.

Description Edit

Katilda is an adventure-seeking, imaginative, wild cat with a rather tomboyish personality. However, the perky feline can also be rather clumsy at times, with her "hitting her head unconscious or tripping over things while rushing off" ways. Katilda may be a polite and playful girl, but she can get pretty sassy and sometimes downright cold.


Katilda is a yellow cat with about Waffle's height (or maybe taller). She has rosy lips, rhombus-shaped eyes and brown hair with two ponytails tied backwards.


  • She is the second female cat seen in the series, the first being Audrey. However she is the first to talk and appear in more than one episode.
  • She may have a crush on Mr. Blik. She playfully teases him all the time and apparently stalks him to the point of knowing his biggest secret.
  • She owns a doll named Alice Tishmen.
  • Before the show was cancelled, Katilda was meant to be seen in more episodes.
  • The last time Katilda is ever seen on screen is when she gets her doll back in the factory in the episode Blikmail.
  • Her human owner is never seen.
  • It's unknown what her exact age is, but she can ride a motorcycle and battle very well for a female cat with the behavior of an 8 month old kitten.

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