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Voice Actor
Mr. Blik, Gordon, Waffle
Monster truck, Blik (one sided)
First Appearance
Last Appearance
First Appearance (Catscratch Adventures)

Katilda is one of the 6 cats, She thinks that Mr. Blik loves her, but he doesn't. When she was first introduced, he fell in love with her. She has only appeared twice out of the entire series in the episodes: "Katilda" and "Blikmail". In "Katilda", she first appeared, when she says that there's a monster, but it was a truck, and in "Blikmail", she wants to reveal Mr. Blik's secret, but Blik doesn't want to. She's an adventurous cat, and has a wild imagination.

Personality Edit

Katilda is an adventurous and wild cat with male personality. Her goal is to win Blik's heart (possibly) because she thought that Blik love her, but the opposite feeling for Blik. She may be a polite girl but actually strong-minded and sometimes cold.


Katilda is a yellow cat with an average tall, about Waffle's long (or taller). She has rosy lips, girly eyes and has brown hair with two ponytails tied backwards.


Katilda may possibly be the more adventurous and imaginative girl version of Mr. Blik. The both of them have a ton in common. They can take charge as a leader, Blik and her have dolls that they play with and they're very intelligent since they can drive vehicles like a motorcycle and a super hi-tech car. Katilda and Blik have opposite colors. Katilda has yellow fur and black and white eyes with black outline while Blik has black fur and black and yellow eyes with a white outline. 


  • She is the second female cat seen in the series, the first being Audrey.However she is the first to talk and appear in more than one episode.
  • She may have a crush on Mr. Blik.
  • She owns a doll named Alice Tishmen.
  • Before the show was cancelled, Katilda was meant to be seen in more episodes.
  • The last time Katilda is ever seen on screen is when she gets her doll back in the factory in the episode Blikmail.
  • Her human owner is never seen.
  • It's unknown what her age is, but because she can ride a motorcycle and battle very well for a female cat with a very imaginative mind and acts like an 8 months old. She's probably an immature 6 year old. 

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