Mr. Blik attempts to gain membership to the exclusive Special Meadows Country Club.

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Inside the mansion, Mr. Blik is playing golf, the ball hitting things across the structure. When his brothers approach him, he explains that they all need to look spiffy for interview time! That day, Mr. Blik is to join the club. His need to be loved, accepted and special was his drive to be accepted into the much acclaimed Special Meadows Country Club. However, he was all those things already, having a loving family of brothers. But Mr. Blik is looking for more, for outward assertion, especially from an exclusive club that gives solid gold jackets to new members. They all drive on to the club.

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  • Hovis believes a lamp would make a better club president than Mr. Blik.
  • Just like Mr. Blik, Champsley has a golden statue of himself too.

Continuity Edit

  • This marks the first appearance of William Champsley.
  • The club members are the same group of upper-class people that attended Mr. Blik's party in "Zombie Party a Go-Go!"

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Latino - Los Reyes Del Club

German - Die Clubkönige

Czechoslovakian - Král klubů

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Hi Ho Kraken
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