Love Cats is an episode of Catscratch from season 1.

Characters PresentEdit


Mr. Blik and Gordon compete for the heart of Human Kimberly.


Human Kimberly starts finishing up her painting of Gordon as a fancy royal gentleman, while an impatient Gordon (modeling for the painting) politely tells her to hurry, due to the possible arrival of his brother, Blik. Mr. Blik inevitably shows up, noticing Gordon's goofy gentleman clothes and the rocking horse. This prompts Blik to start teasing Gordon, hopping around him, calling him "Pony Girl!" He keeps going until Gordon can't deal with it anymore and walks off despite that Kimberly wasn't done painting. This also angers Kimberly and she lashes out on Mr. Blik in a similar fashion he usually would. Never before had he seen such hateful passion. He knew at that moment, their hearts belonged together. But there was one thing standing in his way, Gordon Quid. When he hears of Blik's newfound crush on the apple of his eye, they compete against each other for the Human Kimberly's heart (Waffle was kept busy keeping the score.)

Errors Edit

  • When Mr. Blik breaks to Gordon "You're the one she belongs with, not me!", the layer with his mouth is darker than the rest of his fur.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was one of the only two to ever be released on DVD.
  • The series of black holes Gordon made to rearrange stars to resemble Kimberly's face swallowed up the moon, if that was the case though, the night would've been pitch black.
  • If said black holes were close enough to swallow the moon, it also would've taken the Earth with it.
  • The final score of their competition was: Gordon-3, Blik-0.
  • The dress Kimberly put Blik in resembles the one Waffle wore in "Slumber Party"