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In the morning at the Cramdily mansion, The cats brothers are eating their breakfast which Hovis just made. After Gordon thanks Hovis for making it, Hovis then walks away acting glum. Gordon had just realize on the calendar that they forgot Hovis’s birthday (again) and forgot to give him a present (again). Before they could go get him a present from the store, Blik then Just gets an idea to look for a present in the basement. While looking all over and finding nothing but junk, Gordon then finds a piece of Hovis’s band called “Love Jackal”. The cats then get Hovis his old band members which the give him his old pants back which the button on it then pops out and hits the cats with the dining caboard. As the band then laughs at the cats, Blik yells at Hovis to clean up but Gordon reminds Blik about the birthday and let the band go and let the cats clean. Later on, the whole mansion shakes as the Love Jackal band rocks out with Waffle and Gordon to their old jams on the record player. Blik tells them to stop. Hovis then changes of wearing his full Love Jackal band outfit and doing his voice he hasn’t done in years. They then continue to rock out. The mansion then becomes messy and dirty from the band staying too long. As the cats then try to get Hovis back to his normal self, He and his band kick out the cats and throw them out the room (which makes Gordon spits out Waffle and Blik out if his mouth). Hovis then decide to have a band tour reunion. The cats then try to get in by disgese themselves as a rich family and get in. Before they could stop Hovis, the band then plays horrible after all tho year without practice and get the whole crowed expect for the cats to boo at them. Hovis now sad get cheered by the only people who care them, the cat brothers who cheer him on. Hovis then realize that he was meant to take care of the cats which makes them all choke up (even Mr. Blik) and return to be their butler. Before the rest of the band could hurt the Cramdily family of cats Hovis uses his tight thunderpants jeans and beat up the band. The family then returns home as the episode ends.

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  • This episode along with "Blikmail" was unannounced when it first aired.
  • This is the third episode with the word Love in the title, first two being “Lovesick” and “Love Cats

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  • Mr. Blik does his tounge trick again, the same way he did in the episode “Go Gomez! Go!

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