Love Jackal is an episode of Catscratch from season one.

Characters PresentEdit


The cats forgot about Hovis' birthday again. Then they found out he was part of a band called Love Jackal. Soon Hovis regroups the band together and he does not need the cats any longer. When the cats reach their reunion concert, it turns out that they don't sound like what they once were, and Hovis realizes how much he hated being on the band.


It's Hovis' birthday and the cats are in the mansion. They have no clue that it is Hovis' birthday, but find out that Hovis was once part of a band. When Hovis comes over to them, he remembers, too. He then decides to join the band, Love Jackal, once again. The cats are left alone without their butler. They have a difficult time doing things but find out about a Love Jackal reunion concert. They go to the concert, but the band sounds terrible because they have not practiced in a long time. Hovis then remembers that he hated being part of Love Jackal and decides to go back home with the cats.

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