Gordon has a horrible allergic reaction to a branch of broccoli, inadvertently scaring Mr. Blik and Waffle all around the mansion.


Late on a stormy night, the cats watch a monster movie centering around a mother and her handicapped child fleeing from a terrifying cat-like monster. Then, a sudden knock on the door startles all three cats, but Gordon, sheepishly claiming he isn't scared, gets the door for them. The suspense builds until the door is open, revealing the apple of Gordon's eye, Human Kimberly. She was helping her mother in the vegetable garden and thought they would like some broccoli, not knowing it's a broccoli-free house and Gordon is highly allergic. Gordon accepts the gift anyway, as it's like a green lumpy doll of Kimberly to him. He even ignores Hovis' warning and the flashback to the doctors, so Hovis has the foresight to call an ambulance before he gets any worse. And just with one sneeze, Gordon becomes "The Monster", unwittingly frightening his brothers.


  • The mansion is a broccoli-free house.
  • We learn the mansion has an escape pod and a military weapon room.
  • Oh, and Gordon is allergic to broccoli.

Continuity Edit

  • Human Kimberly mentions her family's vegetable garden early on in this episode. In a later episode "Core-uption", Gordon is seen working on his own vegetable garden, presumably to share his interests with Kimberly's interests.

Errors Edit

  • While impersonating Gordon, Waffle mentions "goats on a crag", which was never mentioned by Gordon in the show until the next episode "King Of All Root Beer".
    • This could be proof that the episode "King Of All Root Beer" was produced before "Lovesick".
  • The German variation of this episode's title card has the artwork of a sick Gordon resting in a bed re-positioned, leaving part of the bed cut off (the part that was previously behind the word "Lovesick").

Cast Edit

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