While preparing for his own “Blik parade,” Blik suddenly grows a second head, and unlike Blik himself, the new head is much nicer. Blik loathes him, but everyone else loves the new head and his sage advice. If Blik doesn’t want to be upstaged at his parade, he’ll have to rid himself of the pest - known as Major Pepperidge growing out of his neck.

Episode Summary Edit

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Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second of the three instances where the German title is the same as the English title.

Continuity Edit

Errors Edit

  • When Major Pepperidge tells Blik that sharing doesn't hurt, the layer that had his mouth disappears on "Your [neck]".
  • When Gordon is pacing back and forth in Kimberly's yard, his lines are thicker for a few frames before his first turn around.
  • When Waffle laments to Major Pepperidge "The stars... They're gone.", his forehead is colored white for a frame.
    • The frame after, his teeth are colored to grey.

Names in other languages Edit

Arabic - ميجر بيرج

German - Major Pepperidge

Czechoslovakian - Major Fanfarón

Cast Edit

♣ = Designates a character that did not appear in this episode

The Secret Door
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