Major Pepperidge Preview

Major Pepperidge Preview

While preparing for his Blik parade, Mr. Blik suddenly grows a second head that outshines him.

Major Pepperidge is the 33rd episode of Catscratch to air, and was paired with the 34th episode, Magic Staff.

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  • This is the second of the three instances where the German title is the same as the English title.

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Errors Edit

  • When Major Pepperidge tells Blik that sharing doesn't hurt, the layer that had his mouth disappears on "Your [neck]".
  • When Gordon is pacing back and forth in Kimberly's yard, his lines are thicker for a few frames before his first turn around.
  • When Waffle laments to Major Pepperidge "The stars... They're gone.", his forehead is colored white for a frame.
    • The frame after, his teeth are colored to grey.

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