Mall-Adjusted Preview

Mall-Adjusted Preview

The cats go bankrupt and must endure hard labor to work back up their fortune.

Mall-Adjusted is the 28th episode to air of Catscratch, and is paired with the 27th episode, "Clan Destiny"

Episode Summary Edit

Late into the night, Gordon is dreaming of eating a wide variety of food (as usual), until his slumber is interrupted by Waffle excitedly jumping on his bed. Waffle says he wants to play, but Gordon can't, as it is the middle of the night. Gordon tells him to play with Mr. Blik instead, but that, of course, doesn't play out too well. Mr. Blik shouts "NO" at him when asked, and throws him out of the room. Bored out of his mind, Waffle starts channel surfing through multiple TV stations. One of the stations is broadcasting a commercial for priceless vases. Waffle starts raising the remote to change the channel again, until the vases are said to be wrapped in state-of-the-art bubble wrap. Waffle‘s pupils expand at the sight of it, and he purchases millions by the morning.

That morning, Waffle’s brothers wake up and exit their rooms, only to step in the bubble wrap that is now strewn all over the house. Blik holds on to the door frame while Gordon jumps to the chandelier, and they know exactly who’s responsible. Waffle is busy jumping around in all the bubble wrap while Mr. Blik and Gordon ask where it all came from. Waffle points them to the vases outside, and the two are stunned at how many there are. The whole front yard was covered in the expensive vases. Gordon asks Waffle how much of the fortune he used to make such a purchase, to which a repo crew bust into the home, confirming that Waffle spent all of it on those vases (specifically for the bubble wrap enclosing them.) The repo men start ridding the mansion of all the possessions inside. Blik asks why they’re taking all of their stuff and he’s told that it no longer belongs to them, and the cats are officially broke as of that moment. They even take Waffle’s newts and Hovis. Hovis says to remember him. The cats are then promptly tossed outside the house. The Chumpy Chump Brothers spot the three and scoff at them, stating that they’re broke and they still stink. Blik and Waffle are in a panic, Waffle laments over his newts. Gordon however, keeps a level head about the situation, knowing they’ve seen through worse. Gordon suggests that they get out there and do hard labor, to which Mr. Blik is outraged. The reaction is shared by the fellow homeless folks, one saying “That’s the spirit, brother.” Blik sees that that’ll be their crowd if they don’t do any work, so he gives in and joins in the job hunt.

They visit the Job Finderz office, and try to think of what they’re skilled at. They ponder and Waffle makes some arm pit noises. After a while, they’re suggested trying some jobs at the mall. At the mall, they first try out a clothes store, where Blik and Waffle are dolling up some mannequins. A plus-sized woman requests a dress in her size, and Gordon suggests sewing two of the same dress together. This comes across as a diss to the woman and she slaps him across the store, and he crashes into that mannequin that Blik and Waffle were working on. With that, they get fired.

Trivia Edit

  • There are several jobs the cats tried to get that include working in the women’s departmen, pet store, operators for a children’s train ride, food court, mall security guards, boot store, and waiters at the “Old Timey ice cream” shop.
  • The way that waffle swims in the bubble rap may be a reference to the TV series ”Ducktales” as one of the main characters, Scrooge Mcduck swims in his money bin.
  • The outfits that the cats wear while working for the “Vitural comic” store resemble the DC superhero Wonder Woman.

Continuity Edit

Errors Edit

  • When Waffle is seen channel surfing, his right foot is missing toe divisions.

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