Mr. Blik, Waffle, and Gordon make robots of themselves but things go unexpectedly wrong.

Human Kmberly she is metioned

Fact Edit

Waffle's robot self was a great robot. after he falls into a newt pond, he can still play and become friends.

Trivia Edit

Waffle mentions his robot was his friend.

This is the second time we see Waffle cry. Poor Waffle...

The guy Mr. Blik was watching on TV strongly resembles and looks a lot like bert from Sesame Street.

A somewhat similar plot from this episode would later be used in the Phineas and Ferb episode, "I, Brobot".

Quotes Edit

Waffle: (looks at robot's head when its eye falls off) (starts crying) he friend. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Gordon: Uh, laddie? they we're trying to destroy us.

Waffle: (stops crying) Oh, right. (throws robot's head away)

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