"Off The Leash" is an episode of Catscratch from Season 1.

Characters PresentEdit


Waffle searches for his identity.


Waffle longs to find his place in the world. Fortunately, his brother has just the tonic: The personality test in that month's "Scotty Lad" (A magazine Gordon has a subscription to.) After a long while of testing Waffle's mind, his answers lead to the ultimate conclusion to what he was meant to be: A DOG. But of course, a routy dog among cats is too much for Blik, causing Waffle to be locked in his room. Waffle, feeling that he doesn't belong, runs off through a window to follow his dog destiny, as well as meeting a new little buddy.... Waffle and Barkmeat than have fun together as dogs. Gordon and Blik then search for Waffle while also almost getting eating by Barkmeat. The cats brothers and Barkmeat then all end up being saved by Hovis. Barkmeat than runs off saying that Waffle is alright even If he is a cat. Waffle then feels that it’s alright to be himself, but then at the end learns He didn’t learn anything at all. The episode end with him shouting “SPLEE”.


Trivia Edit

  • We learn that Gordon reads a magazine titled "Scotty Lad".
  • This marks the first appearance of Barkmeat, another threat to the cats that was tamed by Waffle (the previous tangle being Squeakus.)
  • Gordon's fear of tiny aliens happens again in "Scaredy Cat

Errors Edit

  • When Gordon heads to the kitchen, He grabs a slice of cake which the slice itself looks like chocolate, despite in the episode “Lovesick’’ where we learn that he is allergic to chocolate, He doesn't get a allergic reaction at all.