The Cats of the Moon
The Cats of the Moon
Mr. Blik and Waffle listen to Gordon's song.
Song by Gordon Quid
Released: July 9, 2005
Venue: The Moon
Genre(s): Opera
Length: 0:20 (known amount of the song)
Previous: Slam Dunky
Current: The Cats of the Moon
Next: N/A
The Cats of the Moon

The Cats of the Moon

"The Cats of the Moon" is a celebratory song Gordon sung to commemorate the brothers' illustrious journey to the moon, and to honor the large moon rock monument he chiseled dedicated to the three.

The full song was never revealed since Mr. Blik shouted at Gordon to cut that out before he could go on. Not even the large moon rock monument the song was dedicated to remains, so a lot of the song is left as a bullet point of lost history.

Lyrics Edit



The Cats of the Moon,

Of the dirt and the rocks,

The entire planet's surface,

'Tis a huge litter box,

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