This Means War! is an online game on the website that was based on a battle scene in "A Line in the Litterbox".

Description Edit

Unable to live together in peace, Gordon, Blik and Waffle have declared war on each other, with the mansion as their battleground. Choose which cat to play as, then decide on your strategy in this feline fight to the finish!

Gameplay Edit

As many as 3 players can fight. Each cat plays the same and is supplied with a number of items to use in battle, such as 500 Donuts, 4 Paper Airplanes, 4 Waterguns, The Kraken, 3 Columns and 500 Balloons.

Tools of the Trade Edit

Choose them from the menu. Each has a special attribute that can move you around, protect you or blast your opponents!

Donut Bomb Edit

5 - 15 Life pts.

A sweet and sticky recipe for disaster. Use the arrow keys for direction, then hold spacebar to set the strength of your toss. Release the spacebar to launch.

Paper Punch Edit

10 Life pts.

Does a bit of damage in almost any situation. Aim a cat with your cursor, then click to launch.

Soaker Edit

10 - 20 Life pts.

A powerful, straight blast of H2O. Use the arrow keys to set the direction, then tap spacebar to squirt.

Columns Edit


Protects you from further attacks. Move it with your mouse and use the arrow keys to rotate. Press the spacebar to fix it in place.

Kraken Edit

50 Life pts.

Can you predict this ornery sea beast's next victim? Images of cats will flip by in rapid succession. Tap the space bar at the right moment to see this ill tempered denizen of the deep whap the chosen cat. This attack is only available if your life bar is near to zero.

Balloon Edit

Move on

Get a move on! Use the arrow keys to guide your cat and tap the spacebar to land.

Episode Allusions Edit

Bringin' Down the Mouse Edit

  • Blik's important hat.
  • Gordon's armor.

Tale of the Tail Edit

  • The Kraken

A Line in the Litterbox Edit

  • The phrase "This means WAR!"
  • The fighting around the house.

Notes Edit

  • The Kraken is misspelt as "Kracken" on the How To Play guide.

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