"I need to speak to you... privately."
—The vet fixing to break some devastating news to Mr. Blik.



Veterinary physician
First and Last Appearance
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The Vet is a one-shot character in Catscratch who had to break it to Mr. Blik about his bad health test results.

Personality Edit

He's a deadpan, no-nonsense veterinarian. He seems to have a similar personality to the cats' butler, Hovis.

Not much is known on him aside from his gritty delivery of grave news and poking and prodding.

Character Design Edit

He's a portly vet with dark gray hair, circular glasses, and wears cyan scrubs. The top half of his scrubs has a pocket full of pens. He also has a tooth missing on the left part of his gums.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Blik Edit

This vet and Mr. Blik share only a limited professional relationship. The vet called him into the exam room to inform him of his test results, which concluded that his days are numbered-- to one.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He's feared among many animals.

Navigation Edit

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