American Curl
Newts, Parties, Friends
Mr. Blik (brother), Gordon Quid (brother)
Kraken (Formerly), Duck, Three Headed Kraken, Mr. Blik (Sometimes)
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Last Appearance
July 9
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Aaron "Waffle" G. Aliquis is the Tritagonist of Catscratch. He is a Scottish fold gray tabby and white cat with long, dog-like ears and a long tail. He is the youngest of the cats.

He can speak Newtuguese (a language supposedly spoken by newts) as if he were a newt himself. Waffle is a free spirit who is overly optimistic. He often shouts "Splee!" or "Woo Hoo!" when happy and gets super-excited about all things silly. Waffle has been wowed by revolving doors, fingers, bubble wrap, and newts. He also wishes roller coasters were public transportation, would eat donuts straight from "donut trees", loves zero gravity basketball and smelling the pictures of flowers on shirts. He accepted a space slug to be his new ruler, which leaded to Blik flushing the slug down the toilet.


Extremely giddy, dumb, cute, funny, and enthusiastic, Waffle can be a bit of an idiot savant. He lives totally in the moment, and he loves his pet newts. He's an optimist, and he's also easily entertained by even the most insignificant events.

He often acts like a dog, most notably in "Off The Leash."

Waffle also enjoys making armpit noises.

Character DesignEdit

Waffle is mostly a gray tabby color. His feet are pale white, and he has blue stripes around his long tail and on his left ear which resemble a ticked tabby cat. He has a pair of white eyes with black pupils.


Waffle has come out in every single episode of Catscratch. His first appearance was in "To The Moon." His last appearance was in "Duck and Cover."

Differences From The Gear Comic Edit

Gear Waffle

Actually, not much has changed about Waffle from Gear to Catscratch. In Gear, Waffle was still the silly fun-loving goof we know him as.

Except he was a bit more suicidal due to his accident being the cause of his brother's death. When he was an infant, he was injected with a serum called Geno-Metal that would eventually transform him into a giant mechanical guardian to someday defend his town (as it was doubtful that he'd make something honorable of his life on his own.) Waffle had more raised up ears, purple lips and eyes with a faint hint of lavender.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Waffle seems to think that he's still a pet when he's actually one of Hovis' masters.
  • He was also rumored to be a Tortie, while he does not have any orange patches that would have made him out to be a Tabby cat.[citation needed]
  • As seen in the episode "Spindango Fundulation" he seems to know how to play the guitar.
  • As displayed in a comic strip made for the show "Off The Hook" and in the episode "Tale Of The Tail", Waffle is rather skilled at fishing. From catching a fish his size to an entire dang KRAKEN.
  • He sounds and sometimes acts exactly like Pleakley.
  • In "Scaredy Cat", he had a blue, bug-like alien baby.
  • He is a homage to Marky from Oggy and the Cockroaches, both are tall, simple and optimistic.
  • He once reigned as king of a secret world hidden in the cats' mansion.
  • Rightfully, Waffle is The Root Beer King. He probably still would be to this day, had Blik not cheated him out of it.
  • For whatever his reason, he owns a unicorn costume.
  • His resemblance to his mother is the slick-ish figure and the striped on his tail.
  • His death in Gear was due to the aforementioned Geno-Metal serum. He was brought back to life (still as a large, mechanical guardian) by Gear, but was ultimately killed again by Emperor Pago (in a "hug".)

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